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Top 4 Best Avatar Maker Apps

Did you know what avatar is? We, the avatar is a visual representation of your real-life character that you can customize. You can make it cute, anime, or a very similar portrait of yourself. Making an avatar is not an easy task. You need some tools that are essential to creating an avatar. In this digital era, there is everything available on the web, and avatar maker apps are no exception.

Avatar maker apps allow you to turn your real image into anime, cartoon, or something close to your real-life looks. You can pick different hairstyles, outfits, face parts, and more. Making an avatar of yourself is especially useful when you don’t have time to take good photos of you. These apps allow you to turn your standard photos into a really cool looking avatar.

Since there are plenty of avatar maker apps, it is hard to pick the best out of them. To help you out, below, we have made a list of best avatar maker apps that you can use. So, let’s take a look!

4 Best Avatar Maker Apps

4 Best Avatar Maker Apps
4 Best Avatar Maker Apps

1-      Avatoon


Avatoon tops the list of best avatar maker apps because of its popularity and outstanding features. The app comes packed with tons of editing tools that are really helpful in making a perfect avatar. Using the app, you can make a highly personalized avatar, as well as you can add various effects to your images.

Furthermore, the app also has a feature of face recognition, which allows you to take a photo and upload it to the app. Then the app will instantly create an avatar, which will closely resemble your real image. It also allows you to edit your facial features, outfit, hairstyle, and more. Moreover, you can also make changes to the background of your avatar and the emotions of your face.

When done making your avatar, it allows you to share it with your friends on social media. You can have the app on your phone for free, and if you like its basic features, you can go fo the pro version through in-app purchases.

Platforms: Android

Key  Functionalities

  • Make a personalized avatar with just one image.
  • Change avatar expressions, background, poses, and more.
  • Explore Avatoon and win coins.
  • Share your creative avatar with your friends and family on social media.
  • Incredible customization options.

2-      MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers

MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers
MomentCam Cartoons and Stickers

Another popular and best avatar maker app is MomentCam. The app earns the best app of the year award from Facebook in 2015. The app allows you to make anime, hilarious cartoons, and emoticons using your real photo.

The app also lets you change your outfit, hairstyle, glasses, background, and more to make your avatar more fascinating. The app offers pre-defined backgrounds for any occasion, culture, region, etc. that you can use. Create your personalized avatar and share it with your closed ones to express your feeling in the cutest or funniest way.

Install the MomentCam app now for free and if you like its basic features, dig into the premium version of the app through in-app purchases.

Platforms: Android and iOS

Key  Functionalities

  • Create custom cartoons and animated emoticons.
  • Change your avatar background.
  • Change your facial expressions, clothes, hairstyle, and more.
  • Share your creative work and win prizes through the MomentCam community.

3-      Bitmoji


Bitmoji earns third place in your best avatar maker apps list. The app is also popular among users who love creating something special out of their normal photos. The app is downloaded about three million times from the Store, and still going strong. It comes with small size making it easier to download and install even on the devices that have low internal space.

The app allows you to create interesting avatars and then share them on social media. While chatting, you can share your avatar, stickers, and emoji. The app also offers a range of stickers that are fascinating.  The best part of the Bitmoji app is that you can download and use it for free.

Platforms: iOS and Android

Key  Functionalities

  • Massive library of stickers.
  • Share your creativity with your friends on social media.
  • Incredibly small size

4-      Anime Avatar Maker

Anime Avatar Maker
Anime Avatar Maker

If you are a fan of anime and wish to create an anime character, this app is for you. Regardless of what kind of anime you want to make, this app will let you create. The app comes with many amazing features. It has various templates and facial expressions that you can use to make an avatar.

The app lets you pick very shapes, facial expressions, glasses, eyebrows, and more to create a perfect avatar. To make your avatar more attractive, you can also change its background. After creating your avatar, you can share it with your family and friends. The app can be download for free, so you should try it.

Platforms: Android

Key  Functionalities

  • Make an avatar of your favorite anime characters.
  • Various facial expressions, outfits, eyebrows, etc. to choose from.
  • Change the background of your avatar.


Making your own avatar is fun. There are apps that let you create your own avatar by simply picking a photo of you. These avatar maker apps instantly make an avatar for you that looks like your real photo. If you love making avatars and looking for the best tools to do that, you can pick any of the apps listed in our best avatar maker apps. All of these apps are free to use, and you can get them on your iOS and Android devices. If you have any other best avatar maker app in your bucket, you can share it with us in the comment section below.


Q: What app should I use to create my own avatar?

Ans: if you want to create your own avatar, you should pick the Bitmoji app. You can make an avatar and share it with others.

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