top 15 best emulators

Top 15 Best Emulators for Android

Emulators are mostly used for gaming. The Gamers install the emulators to change the settings of their device in order to set them suitable to be used with games for good performance and graphics. Most of the older consoles are a memorable part of our lives from childhood. In the past, there were tons of awesome games from the SNES to the PlayStations and emulators.

List of 15 Best Emulators for Android

In this modern world, many of those games got a new version with mobile releases, and most of them still exist on the older consoles. When you want to play those games, you think of a way how you can do it; the answer is the emulators from which you can play most of those games as originals whenever you want on your devices.

top 15 best emulators
top 15 best emulators

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best emulators for Android. Let’s start the discussion with the 15 best emulators for Android, according to our study.

Dolphin Emulator

Dolphin is a great emulator that lets you play ROMs of games from the system’s relatively competence, and it is still under development for new features. Back in the days, it was down for a while and a lot of gamers were upset, but its good that it is back again now, and it won’t be gone this time. Some interesting features of this dolphin emulator are.

dolphin emulator
dolphin emulator
  • It has common features like you can save and load states.
  • You need your ROMs, of course, because the emulator doesn’t provide any of them on its own.
  • Dolphin Emulator is free of cost
  • The app gets more stability and improvements.

Dig Emulator

Dig is an emulator that doesn’t actually have any games to be played by itself, but it lets you organize your games through various consoles with all in one place. The good thing about this emulator is that it automatically scans for the games and adds them into various categories for you to play. Some of the things that you should know about this emulator are

Dig emulator
Dig emulator
  • It supports 83 different systems
  • It also supports for various file types and even customizable themes.
  • You can tap on the game to launch the emulator on your phone, or the app will automatically take you to the Play Store to find it
  • It’s an excellent choice for gamers who have huge game collections.
  • It is free, but if you want to get extra features with it, you will be charged $3.99.

John Ness and John GBAC Emulators

This emulator is created by John emulator, who is a developer on the Google Play. He creates a couple of really good emulator apps. The developer switched out the old emulators for the newer versions. And some of the good things with this new emulator are

John and ness emulator
John and ness emulator
  • They include applications for SNES, NES, Game Boy Advance emulator, and Game Boy Color emulator.
  • This emulator is considered among the best in its console categories.
  • It is really good with ROM support.
  • There are some basic features, such as cheat codes and fast forward mode.
  • All of them have their free versions with a pro version that costs $4.49 for each.

FPse Emulators

FPse is another popular emulator which focuses mainly on the deep customization. It has many features such as

  • There are tons of settings and additional plug-ins.
  • You can make the graphics look better.
  • You can adjust the framerates.
  • It provides hardware controller support.
  • It is relatively cheap, with no additional in-app purchases.
  • There is also no free version, the price for this emulator is $3.63
FPSe Emulators
FPSe Emulators

MyBoy and My OldBoy Emulators

MyBoy and My OldBoy are emulators that are among the best in their categories for Game Boy Advance and Game Boy. They also do a really good job of emulating games. Some of the features of these emulators are

  • Save and load states
  • Fast forward mode
  • Cheat codes
  • Syncing save files with Google Drive.
  • The free versions come with fewer features whereas the paid version has all the features for a price of $3.99-$4.99 each
Myboy Emulator
Myboy Emulator

ePSXe Emulator

ePSXe is one of the most popular emulators, which is more focused on simplicity. It is a simple emulator that doesn’t give you a headache on occasions. With this emulator, you only have to load your ROM, and you are good to go. Some of the good features of this emulator are

epsxe emulator
epsxe emulator
  • It features a very good virtual keyboard customization
  • It provides hardware controller support
  • It also provides save and load states.
  • The price for this emulator is $3.75, with no in-app purchases.

EmuBox Emulator

EmuBox is a free all-in-one emulator that has a different set of supported systems. This emulator does supports Nintendo DS, SNES, PSX, Game Boy Advanced, and Color. The specialty of this emulator is, it supports Material Design for easy use for the users. Some main features of this emulator are

emubox emulator
emubox emulator
  • Save and load states
  • A fast forward function
  • An external controller support.
  • You can also adjust the settings to get high performance.
  • This is a free emulator with no in-app purchases, and it also contains ads.

DraStic DS Emulator

DraStic DS Emulator is the best Nintendo DS emulator, which features a lot. Some of its main features are

Drastic ds emulator
Drastic ds emulator
  • Stuff like save and load states
  • Virtual controls.
  • It includes the ability to customize the screens of the DS.
  • The emulator supports hardware, such as keyboards.
  • It has good stability, and most of the game ROMs work perfectly fine with it.
  • There is no free version of it, and you can get it for $4.99

Nostalgia Emulators

Nostalgia emulators do the three popular emulators for Game Boy Color, Game Gear, and NES. All of the features with good tools such as

nostalgia emulator
nostalgia emulator
  • Customizable virtual controllers
  • Save and load states
  • Hardware gamepad supports.
  • The most expensive is for $3.99 for the NES emulator. The other ones are less than $2 each.

PPSSPP Emulator

PPSSPP is the best PSP emulator with a lot of exciting features. Some of these features are

  • Best stability
  • Best ROM support
  • Emulator includes the array of features for an emulator.
  • Some games may not play at full performance. However, it is still definitely good enough for most of the things.
  • You can try it for free before buying it which costs $4.49
ppsspp emulator
ppsspp emulator

Reicast Emulator

Reicast is a competent SEGA Dreamcast emulator that you can get from Google Play Store. It has many features like other emulators such as

  • Save and load states
  • Control customization
  • Support for GDI, CHD (v4), and CDI game formats.
reicast emulator
reicast emulator

This will also require a bunch of extra setups. And you have to manually create game folders, save folders, and manually format these emulated memory cards. You may experience some of the stability issues and bugs. It is a free emulator.

RetroArch Emulator

RetroArch is one of the top best unique emulators that have the capacity to emulate a bunch of different consoles together. The app itself acts as an emulator. It is a bit difficult to learn at first, but most of the emulator cores work extremely well; otherwise, the people have to download them.

retroarch emulator
retroarch emulator

It is a completely free emulator, and it is a great option for those who like to emulate multiple consoles. This lets you save from downloading a bunch of apps.

Yaba Sanshiro Emulator

Yaba Sanshiro is a new and one of the few decent Sega Saturn emulators that you can get from the Play Store. It doesn’t have a filled directory, so you have to come up with your own BIOS and game files, such as ROMS. Some of its features are listed below

yaba sanshiro emulator
yaba sanshiro emulator
  • You get the usual array of the basic emulator which features along with OpenGL ES 3.0 support
  • Cheat codes

This application is still under development and is free to use, but you can get a full version from the developers for a price of $26.99. One problem that you may experience is emulating the hardware is really difficult. But it still works well despite the bugs.

SuperRetro16 Emulator

SuperRetro16 is one of the popular SNES emulators that have gone through a lot of names over the year, but the quality still remained reliable, and performance was good too. There are tons of features of this emulator too. Some of them of which are as;

  • Variable speed fast forward
  • Cloud saving
  • Cloud game storage
  • Bunch of graphics and audio settings.
super retro16 emulator
super retro16 emulator

This is as great emulator filled with features that you can try out for free before buying it. At the start, the app was removed from Google Play, but then it came back. You may find its rating low than most of the other apps because it was gone for some time between, and the people had to purchase it once again. It is free of cost, but you can get the full version for $0.99.

Robert Broglia Emulators

Robert Broglia is the name of a developer on Google Play. He is a person who makes some of the most stable and popular emulators for using on Mobile. It consoles mostly support the SNES, Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Color, Commodore 64, Sega CD, NES, Master Drive, Neogeo, Atari 2600, MSX, NeoGeo Pocket, TG16, etc.

  • The Commodore 64 emulator is the best in its class, along with all the other amazing emulators.
  • All of these emulators have a free version that you can first try for free, and then you can get to buy the full or pro version for some money.
  • Every emulator shares the same basic features, but there is a difference of console specifications in each one.
robert broglia emulator
robert broglia emulator


In this discussion, we discussed about the top 15 best emulators for Android that you can use. Each of these emulators has their own unique features. The Gamers install these emulators mostly to change the settings of their device in order to set them suitable to be used with games for good performance and graphics. Most of the older consoles are a memorable part of our lives from childhood.

We hope you get what you are looking for; we discussed everything related to the top 15 best emulators available for Android. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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Which is the safest android emulator?

  • Bluestacks is the safest choice when it comes to Android emulators.
  • MEMU, if not bluestacks, then your second best choice will be MEmu.
  • Nox App Player after the MEmu if you are not satisfied with MEmu enough.
  • Then AndyRoid.
  • And then, GenyMotion.

Which consoles can Android emulate?

You can emulate almost anything on the emulator that is up to you, including the Dreamcast and the Nintendo DS, if you have got a good budget quad-core smartphone or Android Go device with you. Many PSP games can be easily emulated on the cheap quad-core hardware, but the most demanding PSP games require powerful cores and mid-range or higher GPUs.

Are emulators legal or illegal?

Emulators are legal to use and download, but sharing the copyrighted ROMs online is considered to be illegal. There is no legal precedent set for ripping and downloading the ROMs for games that you own, though you can make an argument for fair use.

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