Best Instagram Names Ideas For Boys and Girls

Best Instagram Usernames Idea’s April 2020 For Boy’s/Girl’s

Nowadays, having a social media account is the norm, and in a place where not having one is a rarity, we are running out of usernames. The day isn’t much far when most of the usernames we can think off would not be available as well.

Everyone wants to stay in the limelight and look cool at social media platforms. With the boom of smartphones and the internet, almost everybody on earth owns a smartphone with a social media account. Considering the world’s enormous population, there are billions with a social media account, which makes it difficult for new users to get cool usernames on social media platforms.

Instagram is one of the most extensive and most popular social media platforms out there. It is an identity for the users and can be used as a flag of what they stand for what they want the world to know.

Best Instagram Names
Best Instagram Names

It is common for people to go with their real names as a base due to the purpose of being identified as themselves. And for the people who want to be a lot more than that and spend hours thinking of creative username ideas might be an extreme task.

A good username is a lot more than just a good username or just any old reference. Below we have some tips that you can use to get a good and cool username, as well as some unique usernames so you don’t get lost in a sea of joe131 and kate354 and be unnoticed to the point that when someone thinks about your posts, your username will get escape from their minds due to how ordinary your username was in the first place.

Some Tips for Having a Unique Username

Some Tips for Having a Unique Instagram Names
Some Tips for Having a Unique Instagram Names

A unique username can be used in growing your brand, as well as to attract more followers. So what should be the criteria to get a cool user name? below are some tips to get a cool and unique username;

  • – First of all, and obviously, the username should be something unique. There shouldn’t be too many users on the internet with similar usernames.
  • – Your username shouldn’t be too short or too long. It should include the first name and the last name separated by special characters such as @ or _, etc.
  • – The first name can be your real name or something unique that you like. The second name should reflect your character, beliefs, social status, passions, place of residence or work, etc. It should communicate to the world whatever message you want to convey about yourself. For instance, in the username jack_theexpendables, other people can guess that the first name is a jack and that he likes the movie Expendables.

Although having an Instagram account is common but creating a unique username for your account is a hard task, as a cool, unique, and funky usernames are hard to think of.

The first and most important thing one should keep in mind while creating a new username is that one must use special symbols to modify their username. Some people think that a complex username can attract people, which is not true. A unique and straightforward username is always the center of attraction, as well as the length of username should also be taken into consideration. As the majority of people just take an upper look on the username, and they ignore the lengthier name.

Username should be of a specific length so that the people can comfortably remember it. You must take your time and be patient to think of an appealing username.

Purpose of Your Instagram Account

Purpose of Your Instagram Account
Purpose of Your Instagram Account

Below are three categories of Instagram accounts;

Business: If you are going to start a business, then think of a unique Instagram username that relates to your business. The key objective of your Instagram account should be to market your business and build your brand awareness.

Curation: Instagram curation and creation accounts corresponds to a theme that allows for lots of creativity when creating a username. Some examples include thequoteday, buildpositivity, and xociety. They are simple and memorable, as well as specific to the audience.

Personal: your personal Instagram username should represent you and what you want to be known as because you are the brand. You can use the shorter and more simper version of your name like @BrenDon or just use your full name, such as WallerBratt.

How Can You Think of a Unique Instagram Username?

How Can You Think of a Unique Instagram Names
How Can You Think of a Unique Instagram Names

It all depends on your imagination and creativity. The more you take time, the faster you are able to create your own username. You have to be consistent, patient, and spend full time to think of a creative username. Though there are several websites available that can generate names for you, the majority of these sites are failed to create some good usernames for you.

Below we have bucketed some categories of best Instagram usernames ideas that can be used;

Best Instagram Usernames for Gamers

Best Instagram Names for Gamers
Best Instagram Names for Gamers

Your Instagram username represents the culture, values, parents’ interests, and traditions. In the modern era of self-identification, names no longer have to be the things that are handed over to you by someone else. They can be self-chosen and can make ways to possibilities of communication and expression.

A name is the first thing we ask when we meet someone in real life, as well as the only thing we remember after when we leave them. The same process is carried by on social media platforms such as Facebook, Snapchat, and Instagram, where your username becomes everything. A best Instagram username is crucial and a profile which has everything but has a quirky username, it doesn’t suit.  Some of the best Instagram usernames for gamers are bucketed below;

  • ProGamerGo
  • AddictiveGamer
  • HeadshotAgent
  • HoopersTroopers
  • ColGamePicky
  • TheHeadHunter
  • JakeTheSkyScrapper
  • JumanjiLevelFiery
  • SneakyGamer
  • GamerKoo
  • KnockoutCaptain
  • GarbageGamer
  • KattyWithBlades
  • FearsomeGamer
  • PikuGamer
  • PantherTheHunter
  • AcuteGamer
  • HunkeredOnTheCouch
  • AgentTheHit
  • FortConqueror
  • BillyPS4
  • BillTheKillZero
  • DarkHorseRider
  • GunsWithBuns
  • ThomasTheSavior

Best Instagram Usernames Ideas for Girls

Best Instagram Names Ideas for Girls
Best Instagram Names Ideas for Girls
  • RoseTheRed
  • SilentTearyEyes
  • PinkishLikeRed
  • Enderfemale
  • SillyPie
  • BrownieLikeSweet
  • AbsoluteJelly
  • BlueGirl
  • GoneGirlZero
  • LonelyKetoWings
  • GirlWithWings
  • InstaPerfectGirl
  • BirdySinging
  • KetoTheWitch
  • AnnaTheKiller
  • SecretBeauty
  • BrutalBabe
  • SnowfalkesPrincess
  • BoomGirl
  • WittyGirl
  • DarkHumorLady
  • HurtingandHealing
  • GirlOnMoon
  • ElegentPrincess
  • GraceWithBeauty
  • WhisperLove
  • GodessOfLove
  • TakenByPizza

Best Instagram Usernames Ideas for Boys

Best Instagram Names Ideas for Boys
Best Instagram Names Ideas for Boys
  • BoomerTheBing
  • CutToCreate
  • WittyMikeOne
  • ForreverrEndlessS
  • BrutalTheBest
  • GuyWithSword
  • ItWasntMeNo
  • GordonTheBlack
  • FieryTheDeff
  • SnoopyTheWeed
  • SwagTheFurioius
  • HottestWeedGuy
  • BearBoyOk
  • ShadowTheWarrrior
  • KozmoTheK
  • GuyWithWildThoughts
  • SooperTheKing
  • HighOnPizza
  • JointWithJake
  • ClusterTheMike
  • StokesTheDude
  • DudeWithRedEyes
  • AwesomeTheBoy
  • LoveKidnapper
  • BeatTheBurger
  • FlyingHighNoWings
  • BooTeenGuy
  • GhostTheWatcher
  • EpicTroopey
  • TurtleTheSpeedy
  • ToxicPrince
  • DaveTheDrummer
  • CaptainWithNoRank
  • WhisperTheWorry

Aesthetic Instagram Usernames Ideas

Aesthetic Instagram Names Ideas
Aesthetic Instagram Names Ideas
  • ApplexPine
  • ChocoTheLate
  • BabeAstro
  • OneSweety
  • WaysToGalaxy
  • HoneyBeastBee
  • WildlyWild
  • CookerTheChoker
  • PumpkinTheYellow
  • SwishTheTim
  • PotatoTheSmart
  • CosmetyMate
  • HooterTheTooter
  • HooterBunny
  • SwisheddDyyY
  • StrawberryTheSweet
  • WhiskeyHigh
  • NoodleTheDoodle
  • WitchTheCruel
  • WolfgangOne
  • FerryTheBerry
  • KookBingo
  • GigglyLaugh

Instagram Attitude Usernames for Boys and Girls

Instagram Attitude Names for Boys and Girls
Instagram Attitude Names for Boys and Girls
  • SmileShotGirl
  • BitchyLady
  • QueenWithAttitude
  • FreaktheGreek
  • DualBeauty
  • HyperThoughts
  • CutyBella
  • DreamyDream
  • StarryNight
  • FiftyShadesofPizza
  • XtylishlyPrinxex
  • LightTheWhite
  • DumbPopcorn
  • ItxMyRule
  • TangoLoveTooth
  • AksMeNever
  • LazyLover
  • BlankThoughts
  • FlipperTheTripper
  • LessLonelyMoreLazy
  • GirlWithFists
  • PinkShades
  • WanderingLikeAir

Instagram Funny Usernames

Instagram Funny Names
Instagram Funny Names
  • MentalTheCracker
  • DoodieNerd
  • DryFishCAtcher
  • PatotiePotato
  • DoodiePants
  • HellEscaper
  • MindNotMind
  • LittleWitch
  • LilGorilla
  • AccurateWrongAdvisor
  • ConfusedBorn
  • QuickGenius
  • HAndsomePotato
  • LilWrestler
  • EyeRoller
  • SeriousLol
  • DailySleeper
  • LolFool
  • PsychoInDisco
  • BakingTheBrain
  • AskMeNothing
  • LeagalWeedProvider
  • MadamWithNoGuts
  • KickTheKook
  • PastaEater
  • HollyStoley
  • DumbBanana
  • LadyFingerUncooked
  • ZombieOnInsta
  • UglyDugly
  • DuckandDuke
  • SmileWithNoTooth
  • QuickestLazy
  • LurkingBanana
  • KingofNone
  • CrownStepper
  • CrakerJack
  • SleepyDumb
  • MagicBanana
  • FoolAndWise
  • SuperKicker
  • UnlikeYourComment
  • ILikeYouNever


Instagram is amongst the most widely used social media platforms all around the world, and everyone wants to stay in the limelight. The platform can be used to grow your brands, your followers, or make new friends. Your username is the first thing that can attract more followers and make you more popular. If you are planning to build a business and want to grow your business through social media platforms, then you should choose a name that relates to your business.

Above are some of the best Instagram usernames that can be used to grow your followers’ list. If you are still not satisfied, you can try name generator websites available on the internet and get a username that you like.

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Below are some most asked questions by multiple users;

Q: How do I choose a cool username for Instagram?

Ans: You can try username generator websites on the internet to create a cool and unique username for your Instagram account.

Q: What makes a cool user name?

Ans: Originality and creativity can produce a cool user name.

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