Best Magnifier App for Android

Top 5 Best Magnifier App for Android

Magnifier apps are useful that enhances visibility under any condition. These magnifier apps allow you to zoom your phone screen and see it more clearly. There are plenty of them, and it might be hard for you to pick the best out of them. To help you out, we will bucket a list of best magnifier apps for Android that you can use on your Android devices to improve the screen visibility. So, let’s begin!

5 Best Magnifier Apps for Android

5 Best Magnifier Apps for Android
5 Best Magnifier Apps for Android

1- Magnifier + Flashlight

Magnifier + Flashlight
Magnifier + Flashlight

The magnifier app that tops our list of best magnifier apps for Android is Magnifier + Flashlight. The app is freely available in the Google Play Store that allows you to read the text easily, which is unclear and hard to read. The app utilizes your in-built phone camera and displays you precisely what if finds on the screen.

Moreover, the app also allows you to zoom in or out by simply sliding your finger to the upward direction or downward. The app also comes with a reading light that turns on the in-built flashlight on your Android device. If you want to increase or decrease the brightness of your flashlight, you just need to swipe your finger left or right on the screen. You can also use its slider located to the left to adjust screen brightness.


  • Easy to use.
  • Improve the visibility of your phone screen.
  • Read the small text easily.
  • Light mode, capture feature and invert mode.

2- Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass
Magnifying Glass

Magnifying Glass is another best magnifier app for Android to improve the visibility of your Android device screen. The app is designed by Beacon Studio is a powerful app, which is easy to use, and anyone can use it with ease. You can use the app to read the text that is hard to read or any other thing that is hard to see.

The app features a simple interface that includes a light icon and zoom bar, which allows you to instantly use zoom in and out features while using the in-built camera flashlight. The app has an incredibly compact file size and can be installed on phones with low internal memory. The app just needs the camera access of your phone to run. It is free to use, and you can have it from the Google Play Store.


  • The simplest tool to use.
  • Enhance the visibility of your Android screen.
  • Magnify small text to read it out with ease.
  • Zoom in and out feature.
  • Use a flashlight if you need it.

3- Best Magnifier

Best Magnifier
Best Magnifier

Yet another best magnifier app for Android is Best Magnifier. The tool, similar to other magnifier apps in this list, allows you to clearly see the text or other things on your Android device screen that are hard to see otherwise. You can free the screen for comfortable reading of the small text. You can also use the apps to see blurry images clearly using its autofocus feature.

Furthermore, if you need to see the dark side of your Android screen, the app allows you to use your flashlight. You can also capture images to see them later. Moreover, the app also has a fullscreen mode that enables you to see the whole screen using the magnifier. It also allows you to use its zoom in, zoom out, and exposure controls. You can have the app for free from Google Play Store. To access its advanced option, you can go through in-app purchases.


  • High-quality magnifying glass feature.
  • Zoom in, zoom out, and exposure controls.
  • Use the in-built flashlight of your phone for low light situations.
  • Freeze, save and share images.
  • See blurry images more clearly.
  • Easy to use.

4- Magnifier and Microscope

Magnifier and Microscope
Magnifier and Microscope

Like various other magnifying apps, Magnifier and Microscope is another best magnifier app for Android offering similar features that you can expect from a magnifying app. The things that distinguish it from other mainstream magnifying apps is its brightness and contrast slider options that allow you to add aspects of image editing for a great reading experience.

These tools act much similar to those in image editing apps. Because of these tools, you can easily adjust the lighting of the camera and what it sees in real-time. It means you can now see the images more clearly without going through an image editing app to edit the image.

The app is especially good for those who often struggle to read on-screen content in challenging lighting conditions. The app is entirely free and supported by ads.


  • Zoom in, zoom out, and brightness contrast features.
  • Microscope to see images more clearly.
  • Image freezing, flashlight, and macro camera.
  • Embedded image viewer.
  • Multiple image filters.
  • It is entirely free.

5- NowYouSee


NowYouSee is yet another best magnifier app for Android. The app offers the same magnifying glass feature as other magnifying apps. The function that makes it stand out from other magnifier apps is that it includes a range of tools intended for those suffering from color blindness.

If you want to zoom in the screen of your Android device, you just need to pinch the screen using your fingers, as well as swipe left or right to switch between multiple colors to make a difference between certain colors. Moreover, the app also offers an in-built tool that allows you to detect the color and see the name, as well as a blind color test if you want to check your eyesight.


  • Colorblind test to check your eyesight.
  • Use the magnifying glass to improve the visibility of the screen.
  • Real-time color conversion.


If you are a person who prefers reading books on your Android phone all the time but struggles with small text, you should use magnifier apps for a better reading experience. Above, we have made a bucket of best magnifier apps for Android that you can use to make the screen more visible to you.


Q: Do Android phones have an in-built magnifier?

Ans: Yes, the majority of Android phones come with an in-built magnifier that you can turn on from the Settings.

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