Photo Overlay Apps

Top Best Photo Overlay Apps

Are you in the hunt for apps that you can use to overlay your custom images? Read on below to find the best photo overlay apps.

Below, we have bucketed a list of best photo overlay apps that will help you to overlay objects on the set image. There are a plethora of overlay apps available for free to install from the Play store and app store. With the help of these best photo overlay apps, you will be able to overlay objects or images on the set image. So let’s start.

5 Best Photo Overlay Apps

Photo Overlay Apps
Photo Overlay Apps

Below is the list of best overlay apps that you can use;

1- Multi Layer Photo Editor

Multi Layer Photo Editor
Multi Layer Photo Editor

Multi Layer is amongst the best photo overlay apps and is a fully-featured app to edit and compose photos in multiple layers. The app support manual and magic wand tool for selection for selective editing, contrast, brightness, RGB colors, and more. The app also allows users to apply a whole lot of automatic filters and decorate photos with overlays, adding text, stickers, and picture frames.

When the editing is finished, you can share those pictures on social media within the app or saved them in PNG format. Moreover, the app allows users to perform any photo editing actions, including superimpose layers, edit each Layer individually, background eraser, blend modes, red-eye, apply incredible effects, watermark overlay, and more.

The app features an intuitive interface and doesn’t require any special skills to edit your photos. The free version of the app is free and contains ads.

Key Highlights

Some of its unique features include;

  • Lighting effects, color gradients, textures, crystals, bokeh, fire effects and more
  • Create different shapes, including ellipses, stars, circles, lines, rectangles, and more
  • Add fun stickers as new layers, including speech bubbles, comics, ribbons, love, and more
  • Apply hundreds of frames to your photos
  • Erase the background of your photos
  • Apply various filters, including mosaic, blur, smooth, vignette, and more

2- Cupace


Cupace is another simple but one of the best photo overlay apps. The app has an incredibly small size and doesn’t occupy much space to get install. It helps to overlay objects and photos on the images in a straightforward way. All you have to do is to press the option of paste face and then select an image from your phone gallery.

Once the image is loaded, tap the photo option from the footer menu to add another image. This process will help to overlay an image on the set image. Moreover, the app also allows users to add fun stickers and text on their images.

Key Highlight

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Cut the face by drawing a path on the face with the help of magnifying glass
  • Zoom in part you want to cut in a photo
  • The face will automatically save in the face gallery and can be re-used on multiple photos
  • Add more pictures inside a photo
  • Add fun stickers and text to make your photos even fancier
  • Share photos on social media from within the app
  • It is free

3- StoryZ Photo

StoryZ Photo
StoryZ Photo

It is another incredible photo overlay app that allows users to add multiple overlay loops on images, as well as on videos to give them a fancy look. The app also enables users to create visual stories from still photos and make their photos come to life. Besides its incredible overlay feature, it also features various other features that you will love to use.

The app is simple to use and doesn’t require special skills. It has an incredibly small size and doesn’t occupy much space. The app can be installed on both iOS and Android smartphones and is free to use. Moreover, users can also create and share photo motion art using its simple and user-friendly tools, create incredible visual effects like cinemagraph, and more.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Blend still images to get incredible animation effects
  • Create video stories blending overlay video on still images
  • Combine still images with video overlay to produce beautiful cinemagraphs
  • Create amazing visual effects by merging photos with video overlay
  • Magical moving portraits or double exposed gifs

4- MagiCut


Another best photo overlay app with overlay technology is MagiCut. The app lets the users easily cut and synthesize the background of images. The app also allows users to create stunning custom photos. By straightforward steps, auto cut-paste will select and extract objects by Detect AI so that users can paste the cut area on any existed backgrounds.

Moreover, users can also montage techniques to put themselves next to their favorite celebrity or teleport themselves to any part of the globe. The app can be installed on both iOS and Android smartphones for free.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Make emoticons with memes
  • Combine contents of multiple photos into one single background
  • AI smart o identify photos and automatically cut unwanted objects
  • Adjust photos exposure, as well as adjust them manually
  • Blending images for various lights and shadows
  • Stunning whitening effects
  • Create amazing effects on your photos

5- Pixlr – Photo Collages and Effects

Pixlr – Photo Collages and Effects
Pixlr – Photo Collages and Effects

Pixlr is yet another amazing photo overlay app that enables you to edit photos and overlay images on top of your set image as well. Users are also allowed to set the capacity and size of overlay comfortably. Moreover, besides from overlaying your photo, users can also use its in-built transparent overlays like the burn, smoke, chemical, outer space, etc.

Snap any moment and edit it with about two-million combinations of absolutely free effects, filters, and overlays. Unleash your creativity with this easy and free photo editor app.

Key Highlights

Some of its key highlights include;

  • Instantly adjust the color of your image
  • Remove blemishes effortlessly, red-eye, whiten teeth, smoothen skin, and more
  • Adjust the tone of your pictures with overlays
  • Add text on your photos with a variety of fonts


If you are in the hunt for the best photo overlay apps, then you should use any of them to make your images fancier. All of these apps are free and have a small size and can be installed on both iOS and Android smartphones.


Q: Can I overlay photos on iPhone?

Ans: yes, it is possible to overlay photos on iPhone.

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