Top 10 sms blocking apps

Top 10 Best Sms Blocking Apps

If texts are distracting you, or someone is teasing you or annoying you by texting, and you want to cut them out of your life, then you can use apps like SMS blocker. By using a text blocker app, you can minimize this problem and reduce your stress if you are receiving a lot of messages, or you simply just want to ignore someone for some reason. The text blocking apps help you in this matter.

Top 10 SMS Blocking Apps

In this discussion, we are going to discuss the best top 10 SMS blocking apps that you can use to block someone’s text permanently. Let’s start with the discussion.

Top 10 sms blocking apps
Top 10 sms blocking apps

Call blacklist

If you are searching for any application which can help you in blocking a number from calling you or sending messages to you, then this call blacklist app is the best choice for you. This app has good features to block any number that you put in the blacklist, and it ignores the texts and calls from that number as long as you don’t remove that number from the list.

call blacklist
call blacklist

The other sms app works the same as a simple messenger, and you can send and receive texts from your friends or family, but you won’t be able to receive the texts from the number that you added in the blacklist. To block a contact, you add the contact to the messenger’s blacklist, and it will stop those texts from annoying you. Some features of this app are

  • Blocking the unknown or hidden numbers.
  • Blocking group of numbers by reading their first few digits.
  • It also allows full blocking for all calls and SMS.
  • Logs of blocked calls and SMS can be viewed.

Root Call SMS Manager

Root Call SMS Manager is an app that allows you to create two blacklists. This app can handle any phone with two SIM-cards. And you can choose to block the number from your own for each SIM. It successfully blocks the spam in SMS and MMS messages. Some features of this application are.

root call sms blocker
root call sms blocker
  • Block SMS in both ways; numbers and text filters.
  • Eligibility of blocking of groups of numbers by masks and templates.

Postman Spam Blocker

The Postman Spam Blocker is an application that helps you block the messages from those numbers which you have not added in your trust-list that you create one yourself in this app.

post man blocker
post man blocker

You can set any level of protection against your SMS priorities. If you set the protection at a high level, then the application blocks the SMS from all of the unknown numbers; otherwise, at a low level of protection, the app works in a simple way. Some of the key features are

  • You can disable the spam alerts.
  • The app has an automatic removal of spam function from the app folder after completing 45 days.
  • It gets frequent updates.

Blacklist SMS Blocker

Blacklist SMS blocker is a powerful blocking tool that helps you block number and its calls or SMS to be rung on your phone. If you want to get rid of useless and bunch of trash messages that you get on a daily basis, then you can download this app and use it to make your life better and relaxed than annoying messages.

Blacklist sms blocker
Blacklist sms blocker
  • You can also get to filter the words by which you can block a contact directly and do this; you can go to the section that says “Filter words” and then specify the words according to your choice that you consider necessary to be blocked as SMS.
  • By creating a blacklist in your phone and putting the unnecessary numbers of certain people in that list, will permanently help you get rid of their calls and SMS. If at some point in life, you change your mind, you can easily remove those numbers or people from that blacklist, and then they will be once again able to call you or text you.

Ultimate Blacklist

In the Ultimate blacklist app, you can add the numbers from the phone book, or you can add any number or enter them manually to block calls and sms from that number. This is a better blacklist app that can help you ease in with your problem and lets you help in removing unnecessary texts and calls from your phone.

ultimate blacklist
ultimate blacklist
  • You can block the calls, MMS, or the SMS both at the same time.
  • You may defend yourself also from calls from those numbers which are using anti-detection. Just in case, a list of rejected calls and messages can be viewed if necessary.

SMS Blocker

SMS Blocker is another app for blocking irritating texts and numbers. It can block all the spam messages, as well as the texts sent by the number that you added in the block list. The blocked messages are not deleted but stored in a different folder by the app where they are placed until the user deletes them.

You can read those texts later on whenever you want to, and you have the option to restore them or remove them permanently. The users also have the authority to export locked messages into a text document and view them in notepad.

SMS blocker
SMS blocker

Some of the features this app has

  • It blocks telephone number or group of numbers;
  • It also blocks by knowing the sender name;
  • It blocks phrases and words contained in the text;


TelGuarder is a blocking app that protects an Android user from any kind of unwanted texts, telephone sales, market research, calls, fraud, etc. This app is smart, and it can automatically detect the spam calls and prevent them from disturbing you and lets them stayed blocked.


This is an advanced app that is equipped with an Artificial Intelligence agent that identifies all of the unwanted calls and checks them in the database. The database is very vast, and with the help of that, the app can compare the numbers with other users who may have been affected by the same number.

Extreme Call Blocker

Extreme Call Blocker is an app that provides multi-level locking and protection for your device to keep it safe from unnecessary messages or calls. It enables you to maximize the protection of your phone and completely removes the access to any of unnecessary number.

The users who have been using this app are always satisfied with the output it gives to them; you should also use this app to see how well it manages to block calls and sms from a number that you want to keep away.

Extreme blocker
Extreme blocker

Extreme Call Blocker can also set a timer to block all the calls or a specific number, and it also blocks outgoing calls, to prevent any kind of misunderstandings, it filters the messages using own filters. Some of its features are.

  • More convenient backup.
  • Fixing minor bugs.
  • Increase in speed.

Blacklist Plus

Blacklist Plus is an upgraded version of its previous version, Blacklist app. With the newly upgraded app, the user can choose the methods of blocking any specific texts or calls from a number, reset the call or mute the sound to the call as well.

blacklist plus
blacklist plus

If there is any kind of information about rejected calls, it is saved only in the history of the app. The good thing is that it does not enter in the phone’s log. If you want to make a call to a blocked number or text, you can tap on it by going into the blacklist of the app and then clicking on the option saying “Call” or “Send message” in the menu that appears.

Call and SMS Blocker

This is a good app that will help you to block any sms and call from a phone number, and it will also help you to block the spam calls. This is a simple but amazing app that can also block private numbers. This application will block those numbers which are not added in your contact list, and it will also block all SMS, which is received from blocked numbers.

call and sms blocker
call and sms blocker

With this app, you can check the list of all the blocked numbers very easily. You can download this app from the playstore if you want to block unwanted calls and SMS.


In this discussion, we discussed the best top 10 SMS blocking apps that you can download and use. Each of these appication has its own unique style to get rid of unwanted texts. We discussed everything related to the top 10 SMS blocking apps available. All of the data mentioned here is relevant and authentic; we hope this info is useful to you, and if there are any questions, you can leave a comment below.

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What is an SMS blocker?

An SMS blocker is a program that allows you to add unwanted numbers and their texts to the list of blocked contacts to stop receiving any connection from them.

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