Best Vine Editor Apps

Top 10 Best Vine Editor Apps

In this study of discussion, we are going to talk about the best 10 vine editing apps that you can get to edit your videos.

List of  10 Best Vine Editor Apps

The top 10 best Vine editor apps are.

Best Vine Editor Apps
Best Vine Editor Apps

Viva video

It is the best Vine Editor App for Smartphones that allows you to make photos a slideshow of photos and edit any movie clip as well. This app has good features with which you can easily create some professional-looking videos just by a few clicks, and you can add different effects on them as well from its huge library.

Viva video
Viva video

The application allows you to share your videos with the world if you want to be discovered. Some of its main features are mend down below.

  • This editing tool lets you trim and merge clips in storyboard editing mode
  • This app edits your videos with text, fonts, stickers, music, transitions, filters, and dubbing.
  • You also have the power of total video speed control, and you can make your own videos in slow or in fast motion.
  • You also get effects like reverse and blurred background and feature of voice enhancement with audio speed adjustment.

Magisto Video Editor and Maker

This is an easy video editor that offers the ability to process the images using a filter that is equipped with a function of face recognition. It allows you to add an audio track to the video file. Keep on thing in mind that you will need a stable connection of the internet for video processing and mixing.

It has the ability for simple management and works with the Cloud, where anyone can try to create clips without any special skills required. Some of the key features of this application are.

  • This app works fine on all the smartphones, but it doesn’t have a good interface.
  • It is a conditional app that is free of charge.

AndroVid Video Editor

This video editor is free software that has video editing tools but is very limited in the free version. To get the full benefits, you have to buy a full version that has all the set of tools to be used. Some of the great features of this application are

  • The user can cut and split one video into several parts or combine the existing videos into one.
  • Androvid is able to capture the video footage and add any musical accompaniment.
  • With the paid version, you can rotate the video, or overlay various optical effects, add one more audio soundtrack, and also convert the videos to other formats.
  • The settings are very concise, and you can change the video sort, autosave function, and other notifications. But the background info is presented in an understandable form.
  • AndroVid also allows you to change the quality of the image, its format, as well as lets you adjust the resolution of the output file
  • The application can share the result of your creativity on social networks.
  • It does not allow to add any captions in the video, and insert screensavers.

VideoShow Video Editor

This is the best vine video editor app that is available for both Android and iPhone. It is quite a powerful video editor app that comes with a feature of adding music to the videos, and it is much easier to make intro videos or vlogs with this editor.

VideoShow Video Editor
VideoShow Video Editor

Some of the characteristics of this app are.

  • This app has been downloaded by 400 million people, and it is also rated as the best
  • This app lets you create easy and practical videos
  • It has a move scene maker tool that is helpful for both professionals and beginners.
  • You also get to export HD quality video with losing its quality.
  • You also get hundreds of pieces of free music and special lenses in order to make original video clips.

Quik Free Video Editor

This is a great video editor that has the fastest and easiest way to create good videos. Some of its features are

  • You can add 75 pictures at max and video clips from your album into the tray
  • It provides you 23 different themes to choose anyone
  • It allows to trim, record, reorder and rotate the pictures or video clips
  • It also lets you customize your story.

Videoshop Video Editor

This is a great editing app with a simple interface that offers all the useful options for editing all kinds of videos. Some key features of this application are

  • You will find features like trim, cut out, etc.
  • You can add music from the library, add different sounds effects
  • You can select slow motion or fast motion mode too.
  • You can also combine more clips into one and adjust the display
  • You can record your own voice, and also select different filters on the video

KineMaster Pro Video Editor

KineMaster Pro is one of the famous and widely used video editors that have a lot of tools to edit and create your video. Some of the key features and characteristics of this video editing tool are

  • KineMaster will get you all the necessary tools.
  • It is famous for adding its effects and availability with the layers.
  • It makes the videos more curious and interesting to watch with its effects.
  • You get a lot of built-in options to edit the videos.
  • It supports videos in different formats such as MP4, 3GP, MOV, JPEG images, PNG, WebP, BMP, and audio in MP3, M4A, AAC, WAV.


Lomotif is a free app that allows you to edit videos by adding music to those video in seconds, and to square crop, and add effects in the video files. It’s a user-friendly application in which you have to just select the necessary required video files from your gallery and select music to adjust to the video. The app does it automatically; you will just have to wait and see the result as output.


Some of the features of Lomotif app are;

  • The editor allows you to process and attach the videos, with a background impose music
  • There are a large number of filters and music collection
  • You can also add slow motion in the video
  • You can also add overlaying titles and stickers on a video;
  • It has a simple and intuitive design;
  • There is a choice of square format for Instagram;
  • You can create a slideshow of the selected photos.


With this video editing app, you can create a lot of good stuff and amazing movies with your android phone. You can use the videos and images from your gallery to create a good video. All the settings and functions of Filmigo are available in the main menu of the app.

You need to click on the Studio button to add effects to a clip, and merge them into a movie or video, or click on the Crop button to short clip your video. Some features of this application are

  • Hundred different themes to enhance your video.
  • There is plenty of licensed music that you can add to your videos, or you can choose the music from your phone too.
  • You can zoom out as well as zoom in to your video.
  • It supports various emoticons, GIF files, stickers.
  • You can speed up and speed down the video to make it more interesting.
  • You can change the video clip’s format and its resolution.
  • Also, you can add your own voice and sound effects.

InShot Video Editor

InShot Editor is a free video editing app that is specially designed to improve the videos that you want to upload on Instagram. It can also be used to improve photos, and it saves those files in your phone’s memory. Using the InShot editor, it is easier for you to crop only the desired frames from playback or split several video fragments.


Some features of this application are

  • You can add music to your recording to create a video clip.
  • Your video gets interesting and beautiful when you combine two fragments.
  • You can also adjust the environmental volume of the music or video file to make it better with the sound.


In this discussion, we discussed the top 10 best vine editor apps that you can use on your Android smartphone without having any problem. All of these apps have unique features and can select which one is best for you. We hope this info is beneficial to you; all the data we shared is from authentic sites. If you have more questions, then you can mail us or leave us with a comment.

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